GF = Gluten Free V = Vegan

Gluten free bread, buns and wraps available

Gluten Free & Vegan Options

by the State Street Grill

Charcuterie and Cheese
$4.25 - GF

Fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream

$3.25 - - GF
Aged Cheddar

Welsh sharp cheddar, aged 6 months, slightly pungent

$3.50  - GF

Sheep’s milk cheese, buttery texture, La Mancha region of Spain

$3.25 - GF
Amish Blue

Blue veined cheese sustainably produced in Salemsville, Wisconsin

$3.95 - GF
Hard Soppressata

Italian dried pork sausage, slightly spicy, black peppercorn

$4.95 - GF

Uncooked dry cured ham, sliced thin

$4.25 - GF

Spanish spicy pork sausage, with dried smoked chilies

$5.50 - GF
Braised Pork Belly

unsmoked fresh bacon, braised and broiled

$1.95 - GF & V
Fig Jam

Rosemary fig jam cooked with red wine

$1.50 - - GF & V
Spicy Olives

Green and black olives marinated in herbs, and chili flake

$0.95 - GF & V

Small French pickles


Pairs well with our extensive bar selection. shameless plug

$4.95 - GF

warmed house-made chips, tossed in blue cheese dressing, and a balsamic drizzle…so simple, so good

$9.95 - GF

one size fits all! Fried yellow corn chips, black bean corn salsa, tomato, jalapeno, chili buttermilk dressing, cheddar cheese, cilantro. Choice of chicken or beef. All served with tomato salsa, guacamole, sour cream

$9.75 - GF

Fried chicken wings, blue cheese dressing, celery. Choice of sriracha lime wings sauce or harissa spice dry rubbed and grilled

$8.95 - GF
Rock Shrimp

pan sauteed rock shrimp, tossed in a slightly spicy mustard cream sauce

$5.95 - GF
Garbage Fries

buffalo wing sauce, chipotle ranch, crispy bacon, melted cheddar cheese

Small Plates

Great food comes on small plates

$13.95 - GF

seared sea scallops, herb brown butter, over creamy polenta, sauteed broccolini

$14.95 - GF

seared half rack of lamb, creamy cauliflower puree, spiked with rosemary incense, with red grape sauce

$7.95 - GF

vegan red curry creamy coconut vegetable risotto, sauteed broccolini

$14.95 - GF
Braised Short Rib

creamy mushroom risotto, braising aromatics, and a pool of demi-glace

House - GF

mixed greens, kalamata olives, tomato, cucumber, feta, five herb vinaigrette

Beet - GF

roasted red and yellow beets, arugula, carrots, watermelon radish, goat cheese, lemon raspberry vinaigrette

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