Check with your server or bartender. We get seasonal favorites upon availability

New Belgium Brewery – Fat Tire, ABV 5.2%
Oskar Blues – Dale’s Pale Ale, ABV 6.5%
Avery – White Rascal, ABV 5.6%
21st Amendment – Back in Black, ABV 6.8%
21st Amendment – Hell or High Watermelon, ABV 4.9%
Pabst Blue Ribbon

can’t forget this retro classic. No need for ABV

21st Amendment – Brew Free or Die IPA, ABV 7%
Guiness Can

Another staple that doesn’t need any description

Craft Bottle

Check with your server or bartender. We get seasonal favorites upon availability

Ithaca – FlowerPower IPA, ABV 7.5%
West Coast – Green Flash, ABV 7.3%
Southern Tier – Pumking, ABV 8.6%

This is a seasonal beer, limited availability

Bells – Two Hearted, ABV 7%
Sam Adams – Angry Orchard Cider
Goose Island – Sofie, ABV 6.5%
New Belgium
Slow Ride, session IPA
Ranger IPA
Snapshot, Unfiltered wheat beer
Pumpkick, seasonal
Import Bottles
Corona Light
Heineken Light
Chimay Blue
Domestic Bottles
Bud Light
Coors Light
Miller Light
Miller High Life
Michelob Ultra
Yuengling Lager
Stanford Sparkling

A Bubbly Celebration

Washington Hills Riesling

Touch of Sweetness

Clifford Bay Sauvignon Blanc
Line 39 Chardonnay

Pleasantly Rich White

Il Donato Pinot Grigio

Light Italian Style

Cote Mas Rose

Fresh, Dry, Vibrant Blush

Portillo Pinot Noir

Lush Red of Argentina

Brother Eimo Red

A Local Favorite

Tierra del Antes Malbec

Very Popular Argentinian Red

Wine Men of Gotham Shiraz

Fruit & Spice of Australia

McManis Zinfandel

California’s Signature Red

Radio Boca Tempranillo

Exciting Taste of Spain

Steven Vincent Cabernet Sauvignon
The Crusher Cabernet Sauvignon

Single Vineyard Beauty

Craft Cocktails
Spicy Cucumber Margarita

Absolut Texas Vodka, Triple Sec, Muddled Jalapenos and Cucumber, Fresh Lime Juice on the Rocks with Smoked Salted Rim

Medicine Man

White Rum, Fresh Lemon Juice, Muddled Sage a Splash of Maple Syrup, Finished with Paprika Served Up


Hendricks Gin with Fresh Basil and Lime Juice, Finished with Pineapple Juice and Club Soda, Served on the Rocks

Jack O Lantern

Jack Daniels with Half and Half, Maple Syrup, and Pumpkin Puree, Shaken, Served on the Rocks

Garden Mule

Absolut Cilantro Vodka, with Ginger Beer, Finished with Rosemary, Mint and Cucumber

Justin Rose

Bulliet Rye Whiskey, with Apple Shrub, Fresh Lemon Juice, and Cherry Juice, Served on the Rocks

Sage Advice

Jim Beam Bourbon, Bendictine, Verjus, a Splash of Bitters, and Muddled Sage, Served on the Rocks

Gingered Apple Sparkler

Citrus Vodka, Apple Liqueor, Bitters, Topped with Ginger Beer, Served on the Rocks

Rosemary Lemontini

Citrus Vodka, Fresh Lemon Juice, Muddled Rosemary, and a Splash of Simple Syrup, Served Up

Black Widow

Patron Silver Tequila, Muddled Blackberries and Basil, Fresh Lime Juice, Finished with Agave Nectar, Served Up

Signature Cocktails
Walk of Shame

Blueberry Vodka, St. Germaine, Fresh Raspberries, Lime Juice, and Splash Simple Syrup. Don’t Forget Your Shoe!!!

State Street Cosmo

Premium Vodka, Cointreau, White Cranberry Juice, and Fresh Lime

Katy Berry

Blueberry Vodka, Cherry Juice, Splash Sour Mix, Topped with Champagne

St. Germaine Cocktail

St. Germaine Liqueur, Fresh Lemon, Champagne, And Splash Club Soda

Berry Sophisticated

Blueberry Vodka, Blueberry Juice, Fresh Lime, Splash Of Simple Syrup, And Topped With Champagne

Rio Grande

Skyy Grapefruit Vodka, Cointreau, White Cranberry, Muddled Oranges