Served with extra virgin olive oil, stone ground mustard, grilled bread, grissini breadsticks V
Buratta – fresh Italian cheese made from mozzarella and cream GF
Amish blue – blue veined cheese sustainably produced in Wisconsin GF
Manchego – sheep’s milk cheese, buttery texture, La Mancha region of Spain GF
Aged welsh cheddar – welsh sharp cheddar, aged six months, slightly pungent GF
Brie – Rosenborg brie cheese from demark, creamy with a salty rind GF
Prosciutto – uncooked cured Italian dried ham, sliced thin GF
Kielbasa – jalapeno and cheddar kielbasa, smoked Polish sausage GF
Soppressata – Italian dried pork sausage made with chilies and black peppercorns GF
Rosemary fig jam – dried figs cooked in red wine and rosemary GF V
Spicy olives – green and black greek olives, chili flake, olive oil, and balsamic GF V
Pickle jar – house pickled mixed vegetables, coriander seed, dill GF V
Grated horseradish root – apple cider vinegar GF V
All meats for 28.95 or 6.95 each
All cheeses for 31.95 or 6.95 each
All accompaniments for 9.95 or 3.95 each


Margarita – house-made pesto sauce, fresh sliced tomato, mozzarella, sprinkled with fresh chopped basil 8.25
Buffalo – mom’s crispy fried chicken, sassy sriracha lime wing sauce, blue cheese dressing, and shredded cheddar cheese 9.50
Fig – savory rosemary fig jam, honey cream, caramelized onion, fresh pear, gorgonzola, arugula, topped with sliced prosciutto 14.25
White – ricotta cheese, garlic confit, mozzarella , arugula, and provolone cheeses, accompanied by grated parmesan, crushed red pepper, and lemon wedge 9.75
Satay – grilled chili spice and turmeric rubbed steak, roasted sweet potato, scallion, cheddar cheese, spicy peanut sauce 12.95
Vegetable – roasted brussel sprouts, butternut squash, onion, shitake mushroom, and cauliflower, manchego cheese, fresh herbs, sherry wine glaze 11.95


House-made soups and more… – carnivore and herbivore V daily creations MP
Caramelized onion, slow cooked onions deglazed in white wine, garlic, herbs, and stock, garlic crouton, broiled swiss cheese 3.50/7.00


House – mixed greens, Kalamata olives, grape tomato, sliced cucumber, feta cheese, five herb vinaigrette GF 3.50/6.95
Caesar – shredded romaine lettuce, parmesan crouton, parmesan crisp, preserved lemon slices, Caesar dressing 4.50/8.95 add white olive oil marinated anchovies 1.95
Beet – roasted balsamic red beets, fresh arugula, charred carrots, dried fig, white balsamic and goat cheese vinaigrette GF 11.50
Burrata- fresh burrata cheese, arugula lettuce tossed in apple cider vinaigrette, smoked tomato coulis, garlic confit, warmed grilled bread 13.25
Grilled steak GF 7.50
Grilled chicken GF 3.50
Grilled salmon GF 6.95
Grilled yellowfin tuna GF 9.25
Crab cake 8.50


Spring roll feature – changes daily MP
Fried mozzarella – fried seasoned breaded square of mozzarella cheese served over puttanesca sauce and crispy basil 8.50
Chips – warmed house-made potato chips, blue cheese dressing and balsamic glaze GF 5.25
Hummus – garlic and lemon hummus, roasted red pepper pesto, olive tapenade, served with warm garlic naan, carrot sticks, and olive oil 8.95
Stroganoff mac and cheese – beef stroganoff mac and cheese, five cheese sauce with sour cream, cavatappi noodles, and garlic broiled panko breadcrumbs 10.50
Nacho – fried yellow corn tortilla chips, black bean corn salsa, tomato, pickled jalapenos, chili buttermilk dressing, cheddar cheese. Choice of vegetarian or seasoned chicken. 9.95 Served with sour cream, tomato salsa, and guacamole GF 12.95
Calamari – crispy fried calamari, pepperoncini peppers, arugula, sundried tomato aioli, lemon wedge GF 10.50
Wings – vegan cauliflower “wings” tossed in a red curry vinaigrette, celery and lime. V GF 8.95 And for you meat eaters… crispy chicken wings served with blue cheese dressing and celery. Choice of lime sriracha sauce or red curry vinaigrette GF 11.75
Falafel – crispy pan sautéed chickpea balls with onion, garlic, and cilantro. Served over a tomato cucumber dill salad, dill and garlic yogurt dressing 8.95


Scallop – seared sea scallops, parmesan griddled polenta cake, broccolini, sage brown butter GF 14.95/34.95
Yellowfin tuna – sesame crusted yellowfin tuna, grilled bok choy and baby carrots, ginger brown rice, soy beurre blanc 11.95/25.95
Crab cake – seared lump crab cake, sweet pea puree and grilled lemon 11.25/22.95
Mushroom ravioli – wild mushroom raviolis, mushroom brie sauce, asparagus, and truffle oil 10.50/17.95
Petite filet mignon – mashed potatoes, asparagus, black peppercorn and roasted garlic au poivre sauce GF 18.95
Salmon – seared Atlantic salmon, gingered red beet puree, asparagus, crispy carrot straws, and micro lettuces GF 11.95/22.95


Free range – grass-fed, milk-fed, free-range meat, served with daily accompaniments MP
Catch of the day – fresh seafood feature of the day MP
Garden – vegan entrée selection V MP
Meatloaf – bacon wrapped cooper cheese stuffed meatloaf, smooth mashed potatoes, green beans, French onion sauce, crispy onion straws 16.95
Berkshire pork chop – maple glazed grilled pork chop, bacon apple risotto, roasted mixed vegetables, maple glaze drizzle GF 35.95
Brisket pot pie – stew braised beef brisket, vegetables, peas, herbed gravy, cream cheese crust baked to a golden brown. Served with green vegetables 17.95


All burgers and sandwiches are served with kettle chips. French fries 1.75, sweet potato fries 2.95, house salad 1.75, Caesar salad 1.95 can be substituted.
Gluten free bun available .95 upcharge. GF
Burger – 8 oz. grilled beef burger, romaine lettuce, tomato, pickle wedge, on a buttery brioche bun 7.50
SSG burger – 8 oz. grilled beef burger, chipotle ranch, bacon onion jam, crispy jalapeno, pepper jack cheese, on an onion bun 10.95
Turkey burger – grilled turkey burger, romaine lettuce, sliced avocado and tomato, truffled mayo, on a multi grain ciabatta 10.95
Vegan sweet potato burger – roasted sweet potato burger bound with chick peas, flax seed, oats, tahini, and seasonings on a multigrain ciabatta, sliced avocado, baby spinach, red onion V 10.25
Grilled blackened chicken – grilled seasoned chicken, shredded romaine, sriracha chili mayo, cooper cheese, red onion, ciabatta bun 8.95
Fresh fish wrap – changes daily MP